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ONxSET is a fashion platform that is officially registered in the FWO & NYFW the shows. Our vision is to impulse Mexican and Latin American designers to see them grow internationally.
We together the TOP influencers of Mexico and Latam, media and most influential personalities in the world of fashion.
ONxSET is fashion presentation networking and media experience, focused on reaching the Mexican and Latin market that is aware of what happens in New York during one of the most important weeks in the world of trends

Founded in 2019 by Dennise Carranza, a CEO, fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur, ONxSET has solidified its position as an officially recognized fashion platform on both the FWO calendar and NYFW The shows. Carranza’s vision revolves around elevating Mexican and Latin American designers, providing them a platform to showcase their unique voices, visions, and creative propositions within the industry. “Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our primary objectives. Our driving force to persist with ONxSET stems from our desire to astonish our designers with a positive and comprehensive experience,” explains Dennise.


ON x SET - Runway 

t h e  e n d u r i n g  i n f l u e n c e  o f  l a t i n  d e s i g n e r s



Masterminded by Mexican designer Alejandra Lersundi, is acclaimed for infusing each piece with a distinctive touch of femininity, emphasizing elegance and sophistication that has firmly established her as an influential figure in the fashion landscape.


Mexican designer

Has succeeded in imbuing his brand with a dynamic movement that resonates through every piece. His designs have been embraced by notable figures like Camila Cabello, even gracing remarkable historical events such as the Champions League final.


Duo Mexican designer

Iann Dey, the creative duo of Ivan and David, garners attention for their conceptual style and innovative presentation methods when unveiling new collections. Their art has been donned by celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Yalitza, adding to their allure.


Mexican designer

Paris Rodriguez, an eminent Colombian designer, serves as an inspirational model for women entrepreneurs. She has outfitted renowned personalities like Becky G, Paty Cantú, and Maite Perroni, exemplifying empowerment and talent within the industry.


Mexican designer

Mexican designer Benito Santos has made an indelible mark, with his creations adorning a slew of celebrities at high-profile events, including former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete, Salma Hayek, and Aislinn Derbez, turning the red carpet into his second home.

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Five Sins, characterized by classic silhouettes fused with innovative propositions, are Mexican designers who have attained recognition for their high-quality work and collaborations with celebrities such as Mar de Regil.


Mexican designer

Manuel Tiscareno, acclaimed as one of the preeminent designers in Latin American haute couture, stands out with a nomination for the FGI NYC (Fashion Group Intl) awards, underscoring his significance and influence on the global fashion stage.


Style & The City - Fashion Presentation


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